Rent Your Own Bar


Rent your own bar in the most flexible club space in the centre of Amsterdam. Create your own party by hiring a local dj, host a karaoke party or get behind the deck yourself and play your favourite tunes!

Rent your own bar and create the night of a lifetime!

Naturally, you would like to know how much renting your own bar in the centre of Amsterdam costs. The thing is, with a bar guarantee of €500,-, the entire venue is free of charge! A bar tender is available at all times and you can choose from a variety of unlimited drink deals. What the rest of your night will look like is entirely up to you. Choose between one or more of the following options:

Bar guarantee | €500,00 for the night
Venue rent is for free, if you spend €500 or more on drinks or food.

A professional karaoke set, with host if desired | €100,00 for the night
Party Japanese style with your own karaoke bar! We have a huge database of tunes available just for you!

Dj mixing deck | €50,00 for the night
Have use of our professional mixing deck (Pioneer XDJ-RX2) & sound system to truly take charge of your night.

One of our professional, residential dj’s | €200,00 for the night
Hire one of our resident DJ’s to take your night to new levels.

A great time for company- & bachelor parties

It is possible to rent your own bar with parties of 8 people or more. The entire venue can accommodate 75 to 100 people. We can facilitate every type of company event, stag parties and hen do’s. based on the total amount of guests we will agree on a closing time. Would you like to know more about renting your own bar in the thriving heart of Amsterdam? Please feel free to contact us or stop by at Coco’s Outback at Rembrandt square.