Private Karaoke Party


Karaoke may mean ‘empty orchestra’ but it is a lot more fun to sing your favourite songs in a private venue with your best friends, co-workers or family! At Coco’s Outback you can rent your own venue with 12 people or more. This includes the use of professional karaoke equipment. Let one of our hosts talk you through the night or do it yourself if you feel like it.

Groups up to 14 persons

We have a private karaoke room for up to 12 persons in Coco’s Outback. Contact us now to find out more about this amazing experience. The rooms is for rent for €50,- per hour.

Groups bigger than 14 persons

When you book our next door private bar for a party or karaoke you will enter a self-standing bar with a running karaoke and dj system, private bartender, own piece of terrace and private bathrooms. You basically have your own venue right in the heart of Amsterdam next door to Coco’s Outback.

Unlimited drink deals for companies, stag parties and hen do’s

Singing is thirsty work. So why don’t you choose one of our special unlimited drink deals. During karaoke there is always a bar tender available for you and your guests. Turn the pub into one giant sing-a-long because the venue offers space to as much as 100 people! A guaranteed night to remember!

Discuss the possibilities

Depending on the size of your party and personal wishes we will determine closing hours. Additionally it is possible to add welcome beverages for your guests and to order table side beer taps. Curious about our other options? Please contact us or stop by to discuss all options.