Coco’s: Amsterdam’s Favorite Sports Destination

Coco’s: Amsterdam’s Favorite Sports Destination

Amsterdam is one of the most international cities in the world, and with that diversity comes a wide range of sports fans. That is why Coco’s Outback has made a name for itself as the place for international games. From Turkish football to Finnish water polo, from American football to Bolivian handball, Coco’s truly has it all!

Coco’s has a long history of bringing the best sports in the world to the best guests in town! For over three decades, we have become Amsterdam’s top destination for sports. If you have been near Rembrandplein during the FIFA World Cup, you’ve probably seen legions of dedicated sports fanatics piling on to our terrace, spilling from the doors, and lined up down the street to watch every match! With our incredible customer service, our delicious menu, and our passion for the game, you won’t want to watch a game anywhere else ever again. Your telly at home just won’t cut it after watching a game at Coco’s!

For major sporting events, like the UEFA Champions League, the Superbowl, Six Nations Rugby, Formula 1, and the NBA finals, we display every game throughout the bar on dozens of televisions, as well as on massive projector screens and even some outdoor screens. You won’t miss a second of the action, and our top-notch staff can even play English commentary while you sit back with an ice-cold pint and a beer to watch all the action as it unfolds!

We are also highly committed to playing the smaller or more niche games that you know and love! No sport is too small for us; we’re just as happy showing a tennis table match or snooker game as we are showing the Olympic games! Don’t hesitate, simply ask our friendly staff for your game, match, or event of choice, and we will make every effort to play it for you. If it is being broadcast live, we can play it!

So, next time your favourite baseball team has a game or your top Formula 1 driver has a race, send us an email so we can plan on showing your event in advance, or simply drop in and ask at the bar. We’ll make every effort to bring you the sports you crave! You might even meet some like-minded supporters! At Coco’s Outback, sports enthusiasts are our biggest fans, so come visit us today and see why expats, tourists, and locals make Coco’s their home for international sports!

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